Legal services

Legal representation of clients in commercial and administrative courts of all levels:

  • preparation of complaints, primary allegations, petitions, statements of defense, legal objections – general court litigation activity;
  • tax litigations (preparation of objections to Acts of fiscal service investigation, preparation of complaints to tax notes-decisions, terminate (on of tax notes-decisions during court proceedings, etc.)
  • legal challenge of fiscal service’s applications for instituting administrative action against the heads of legal entities;
  • corporate litigations, commercial litigations;
  • oral and written consultations;
  • reorganizations of joint stock companies (preparation of documentation packages);
  • business agenda of the General Stakeholders meeting, request for preparation of register of securities’ owners, cancelation of the issue of shares to NSSMC (complex support of all actions in the administration, National Depository, tax authorities, etc.);
  • registration of joint stock companies with full support (registration of temporary certificate on issue of shares, deposit of global/temporary certificate in NDU, registration of joint stock company as a legal entity with registration in necessary authorities, registration of permanent certificate on issue of shares);
  • registration of asset management company, corporate investment funds and open-end investment funds, professional participants of stock market, receipt of necessary licenses;
  • approval of the acquisition of a significant share in the authorized capital of a professional stock market participant in the purchase and sale of shares (change of owner) ;
  • registration of financial entities (registration of financial entities (including entity into the State Register, receipt of licenses – factoring; provision of financial loans; financial leasing, provision of guaranties, construction financing fund managers, insurance companies, pawnshops;
  • legal support to business restructuring including legal audit.